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Дорогие друзья и уважаемые гости сайта, ждем ваши отзывы, а так же предложения и пожелания по нашим музыкальным открыткам и поздравлениям, по созданию новых и нужных вам рубрик. Ваши комментарии не останутся без внимания, так как наш сайт создан для людей, то есть для вас друзья!

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Congratulations Happy Easter!

    Hello dear Liz and Jim!
    Thank you for congratulation me on my birthday! It is so pleaser for me!
    I am glad you both had been vaccinated! Now your life will be freer in your moving and visiting. Greate!
    Of course, you will get together with Bill, Katia, Lola, Ronia, Leks as soon as it’s possible. I am so happy through this! Yes, Ronia begun speaking English really nicely. Katya sent video how Ronia was talking with Bill. Wow, I was surprised! Now you can talking together. It’s wonderful! Next will be our boy Leks to speak English. Very soon.
    I am really sad that Emily’s family will moving to California. I enjoyed communicating with all them. Probably there are more perspektive jobs for Doug and Emily in California. If I remember right did Kelly move there with her family? Anyway I will miss them! And I really understand how it is sad for you both!
    I really miss our children and I will be sad if they will not came this year in Russia again. I also really miss you and your country. I would like to come there and walk around to some favorite places. But I will hope always for good changes in our life and in the wold.
    Hugs to you and love-love.

  2. С католической Пасхой поздравляю! Пусть снизойдет в ваш дом благодать, благополучие, и побольше вам счастливых моментов!

  3. Сердечно поздравляю ВАС с ПАСХОЙ!Наилучшие наши пожелания!Немного рановато,но нет даты отправления…